Katie Vota
AlderAmerican ElmPaper BirchDandelionGoldenrodHawthornSumacAshEucalyptusBur OakBuckthornDouglas FurRamin  |  Black Walnut  |  Osage OrangeAmerican HardwoodHardwoodBirch Tree ForestBirch Tree Forest, detailFern Study #1Whisping Through Your FingertipsAs The FallTouch Me NotTouch Me Not, detailDappled Leaves TriptychDapple Green

So much of my work is cyclical. I work in weaving, I work in paper. I look to structure as a reference; I look to phenomena in nature. I go in close and then pull back to “see” my work and the things that inspire me. And then it repeats. I began my current work with the sensation of dappled light filtering through trees. I tried to recreate its look in double cloth weaving, using drawing techniques to evoke the same feeling in the viewer. However, solid cloth was too heavy. I later revisited this idea in paper, knowing then that lightness was as important to the idea as its appearance. Concerns of time and decay moved into the background in my work as natural forces acting on the work itself. Over time I began to understand how structures decay and change in translation. I looked to other aspects of nature, the texture of bark, and the falling of leaves. In these phenomena I again found time, space, and light in the progression of seasons, and how they reflect our own lives. How fall is simultaneously a beginning and an end. I continued responding to spaces, lightness and deterioration appearing over and over. I made work that aimed to simulate a phenomena or space, and to decay overtime during its period of exhibition. Now I look towards issues of site-specificity, considering the place or people around me.