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durational weaving project transforming cast-of clothes into useful objects.
The Endless Feet

I don’t wear t-shirts, though I do love jersey fabric. T-shirts feel slouchy to me, aren’t really my style, and yet they take up shelves and shelves of space in my studio. There’s something in their utility, combined with their disposability, that fascinates me. This project is a culmination of this fascination, the want to convert the disposable into the utilitarian, and the want to document the labor required, the labor nobody has time for. Weaving is, in my mind, the perfect way to do this, as line by line, foot by foot, it is measured. The number of threads, the number of warps tied on and cut off, the number of feet woven—all of these, so carefully accounted for. Rather than tracking the number of shirts, the moment of truth is in knowing I can weave endless feet, for as long as I am able, and that I will never run out of used, unwanted t-shirts with which to weave.