Projects > A Much-Kneaded Respite

A Much-Kneaded Respite is an interactive, scent-based performance. Smell is a problematic sense in that you experience it before you are able to think about it. It defies our ability to derive pleasure in anticipation, unlike sight or sound, when you see or hear something coming. As we move through our lives, not all smells we encounter are pleasurable, but those that are leave lasting traces. Utilizing the smell of baking bread, this performance taps into this idea of the lasting trace and personal scent-memory. Visitors were invited to sit and watch the artist knead various types of dough and bake breads. They could also learn to knead, swap recipes and stories from their own experience, and, of course, help eat some fresh-out-of-the-bread-machine breads. Once completed, this performance was found to be about not only the physical labor of kneading, but the labor of sharing and endurance this kind of gesture takes.