gold weighted ankle weight leg warmers


My practice revolves around the sense of touch and aesthetic play. It's twofold the way I'm approaching it-- firstly through workshops and public collaborative events, where the goal is to re-figure how to use (predominately) textile/clothing waste in new ways and to foster inside yourself a sense of radical self-reliance and expression. This might take the form of a mending workshop, or large-format collaborative weaving. The second is more sculpturally based. This might take the form of a loom playfully configured and re-configured to suit a project’s needs. This might be a lantern or a personal totem or a permeable barrier. Through sculpture, the found materials I use are transformed with labor-based processes, as well as with metallic paints and surface embellishments, giving them an internal luminosity. It’s within this transformation that elements of the fantastical come through in these sculptures. These are objects of desire, highly-constructed and begging for touch, for play, for a one-on-one contact with the body, and their unreality allows for possibilities outside the ordinary. It is in this space, somewhere between touch and the labored, sculptural object that future potentialities reside.