Katie Vota  Sculpture & Installation Artist


I create sensual objects for one-on-one contact with the body. Highly-constructed and begging for touch or play, their unreality allows for possibilities outside the status quo. The unifying aspect of the textile—its grounding in touch, the body, and the everyday—allows me to transverse many otherwise disparate media. By adapting traditional textile skills and tools to nontraditional materials, I am re-figuring the way I view material waste in a world where climate change is apparent but doesn’t exist, all the while making permeable spaces for queer bodies (a literal queering of materials). These spaces take the form of physical barriers begging to be crossed, decorative objects made from everyday materials recombined, and performance-based workshops for creating physical objects of resistance and the teaching of mundane skills (like mending or sewing) that allow for self-reliance and creative expression. In doing this, my work carves out space for queer opulence and visibility in a world where difference is under attack.