gold weighted ankle weight leg warmers


Coming from a dance and fitness-based background, the sculptures I make are designed to interact with or act upon the body. In terms of form, they become aesthetic manifestations of hand-labor, and the way this labor affects the body mimics the way that repeated workout labor shapes us. They are worn or carried, affecting the normal motions of the body with their weight, shape and scale. Up to this point, I’ve viewed this work in terms of a “speculative fitness,” giving weight to its performance-based qualities. The found materials I use are transformed with metallic paints and embellishments, giving them a luminous shine. It is in this transformation that an element of the fantastical comes in with these sculptures, as they seem to exist in some other place where queer hyper-glam fabulousness and the sci-fi warrior-woman archetype collide. There is something deeper here in the aggressive and sexual qualities found in both the objects and the posturing of the body when they’re worn. These are objects of desire, utilizing highly-constructed textures that beg for touch, for play and a one-to-one contact with the body, and their unreality allows for possibilities outside the ordinary. It is in this space, somewhere between touch and the labored, sculptural object that future potentialities reside.