Katie Vota

My current practice is centered around ideas of erasure, undoing/redoing, interference, and borders/boundaries. I've been using fringe as a visual metaphor for less visible borders, between people/places/cultures, and social and architectural boundaries. I’ve always thought spatially and over time my practice has become more installation-based, considering the histories of my site, its specific architecture, its use and re-use, geography, and surrounding socio-political landscape. The use of the ghost print, in conjunction with the fringe, is a way to imply the textured, transient histories of a site, some solid and present and some no more than static, fading away. I’m trying to figure out how queering (the overlaying of the non-normative) can be applied to architecture (defining architecture as the line where two planes meet), and how utilizing the fringes and margins of a space can activate or subvert a site.