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black woven fringe installation
A Forest, A Fortress
Installation with woven rubber fringe
4' x 8' x varrying lengths
December 2014

A forest, a canopy, a fortress, an enclosing space. This installation began with these ideas--words connotating protection and intimacy--and my intent for the work to be interactive for the viewer. It is situated in a hallway, a liminal or transitory space. The fringe has a luscious, bodily quality and hangs just low enough that it can be activated by touch, or that the tallest people may have to duck to avoid it. It seems to weigh down on you, though it's light(weight) in appearance. It moves with the draft, with the passing of bodies, when it's played with, and, as it sways, the lights around it all seem to shimmer. It is simultaneously playful and solemn, and in a future setting I want it to go on seemingly forever, stretching the length of an entire corridor or other passage space.