Katie Vota

The loom speaks to me as a drawing tool. I pick colors from the world around me in the form of plants, dyeing and weaving worlds both real and imagined. With this comes a drawing practice influenced by sci-fi and fantasy, as well as real life landscapes. Growing up in the country around floral calico quilts, my mother’s love of all things growing, and the wooded areas near our home, these things forever leave a lasting love of the natural world in me. Since the pandemic began I've been exploring this history, centering floral forms as a symbol of the soft-femme and re-thinking how the landscapes and dreamscapes I weave are related to my former artistic explorations of queer identity. Within this exploration, I’ve become fascinated with the connection between Indigo (a living color) and water as a living entity. The wave-forms and seascapes I weave are loosely based on real places. However, while weaving I’m dreaming of beachs from times past and lost to me, low-tide walks yet to be taken, Jules Verne-esque adventures under the sea, and the shifting faces of our shores as our climate continues to change. In drafting my own weaving patterns, I'm able to create my own waves and ripples, seafoam and bubbles. There’s something relevant in the ornate patterning styles that speaks to the sun sparking off the water, or the moon reflecting its face.